This video that I made with Soul Pancake was very cathartic for me. Thank you to Nick P Ross and my dearest of friends Nik Boyer for asking me to talk about this and doing such a fantastic job with it! And thanks to Tommy Fields for the awesome score! 

"Joe's work offers a fresh perspective that is both honest and insightful."

Professor Cornel West


Emmy Award-winner and two-time HBO Def Poet, Joe Hernandez-Kolski is an actor/poet/comedian who is constantly in demand, known for his live performances that are hard-hitting, truthful and incredibly funny.  Originally from Chicago, Joe now lives in Los Angeles.  He is a graduate of Princeton University where he worked closely with respected academics Dr. Cornel West and Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison.

Recently, he shot an episode of Netflix's "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." (The role was written for some guy named Lin-Manuel Miranda who was busy doing something called Hamilton?) Joe had a great time and took pics all day long! You can see the pics here.

Feel free to contact him! Unless he's busy or hangry (usually both), he'll respond pretty quickly.